Performance driven, focus on user
One-stop performance ad based platform
Global performance ad based platform, with 24/7 customer support.
Quick set up
Campaign management, secure and effective.
Combination of proprietary fraud security system, and 3rd party partnerships.
Multi-dimensional user targeting
Big data analysis, quickly and accurately target users.
Localized ads optimization, customized solutions for SMB clients.
Free training
Campaign management and ad optimization recommendations.
Leverage High-quality traffic
Vast and high quality inventory that enables growth.
【High-quality traffic】
Papaya DSP ——
accurate audience targeting, effective and cost saving
Integrated SDK ——
diverse and direct traffic sources
Affiliate Network ——
fit for almost all APPs
【Media Buying】
Ad Formats
Performance ads service enables brand awareness
Featured countries
Client Partners
Papaya Ads
Solve Your Marketing Conundrums Easy and Quick
Contact with Papaya for professional services and products
Qualified ads service team
Help to build successful business
Professional optimization team
Full support on advertising
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