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The precision of narrowing down
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Case Studies
  • Funplus, a mobile social gaming company who wanted to increase the installs of its game and ROI, as well as decrease CPI throughout Facebook ads.

    Targeting Country: Europe and US

    Stage 1: Focused on picturing the key target users by Facebook lookalike audiences;
    Stage 2: Targeting the core audience by location, demographics, interests, etc;
    Stage 3: Displayed by multiple ads formats with eye-catching creative.

    Their success
    41% 12,000 51%
    CPI decreased New installs
    in 2 months
    ROI increased
    in the US

  • Idle Heroes is an IDLE PRG game developped by DroidHang, expecting to obtain high-value players throughout Facebook ads.

    Targeting Country: Global

    Stage 1: Breaking geographical restrictions, create marketing campaigns in core countries. Targeting the audience by mobile devices, likes and interests, age and gender;
    Stage 2: Setting up App Install ads and optimizing for the purchases event.
    Stage 3: Advertisingto other countries/regions by using global targeting function.

    Their success
    2X 12% 20%
    return on ad
    7-day retention
    rate increased
    CPI decreased
    *Facebook ads outperform data for each campaign individually set up for marketing
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